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Tungsten Black and Red Couple Wedding Engagement Ring



Tungsten Black and Red Couple Wedding Engagement Ring

Crafted in beautiful shades of black and red, this set of stunning wedding bands will stand out on your wedding day and add a unique edge to your everyday outfits. Made using tungsten, these rings are lightweight, scratch resistant and hard-wearing.

Surface Width: 6mm,8mm

Width: 6mm,8mm

Gender:Women & Men

Color: Black and Red

Model: YG -67

Size: US Ring Size –6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13

Material: High-quality tungsten

Made from high-quality tungsten, our rings are hard-wearing, lightweight and hypoallergenic; making them an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to gold jewellery. Tungsten carbide has a number of properties that ensure your ring will last the test of time including scratch-resistance, extreme durability and the ability to resist corrosion. Tungsten rings will also never lose their shape meaning you never have to worry about warping or stretching.

Dispatch: 2 to 5 Business days

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Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 6, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 6.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 7, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 7.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 8, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 8.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 9, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 9.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 10, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 10.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 11, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 11.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 12, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 12.5, Women-Width-6mm-USA-Size 13, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 6, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 6.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 7, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 7.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 8, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 8.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 9, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 9.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 10, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 10.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 11, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 11.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 12, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 12.5, Men-Width-8mm-USA-Size 13


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